OurWinnipeg and the Complete Communities Direction Strategy received third reading at City Council on July 20, 2011. The plan took effect on August 17, 2011, replacing Plan Winnipeg 2020 as the official development plan guiding growth and change for the city.

OurWinnipeg presents a 25-year vision for the entire city. It positions Winnipeg for sustainable growth, which is key to our future competitiveness. This plan is required by the City of Winnipeg Charter that requires the City to adopt, by by-law, a development plan that sets out long-term plans, policies and priorities. The development plan guides and informs more detailed planning on specific topics or for specific areas.

A Brief Approval History…

On July 21, 2010, City Council considered the recommendations of the Executive Policy Committee on the following matters:

  • OurWinnipeg Plan By-law No. 67/2010
  • Complete Communities Direction Strategy – Secondary Plan No. 68/2010
  • Sustainable Transportation Direction Strategy
  • Sustainable Water and Waste Directional Strategy
  • A Sustainable Winnipeg Direction Strategy

The City of Winnipeg received approval of the plan by the Province of Manitoba on June 27, 2011. From 2012 to 2016, the City produced annual OurWinnipeg Reports to the Community to track progress. You can download reports from each year here:

2012 Annual Report, 2013 Annual Report, 2014 Annual Report, 2015 Annual Report, 2016 Annual Report

Additional information on these matters and official versions of the documents are accessible via the City Clerk’s Decision Making Information System

Urban Structure

OurWinnipeg is based on an urban structure – a spatial articulation of city building objectives. It guides the city’s future, identifying and defining its physical components, not as they are today, but as they are envisioned.

An urban structure differentiates between areas of the city based on their period of growth and descriptive characteristics. This approach recognizes the uniqueness of different neighbourhoods and areas of the city, providing the basis for accommodating growth and change in a way that is sensitive to context.

OurWinnipeg Mapping Application

Getting a copy

For your convenience, there are a number of ways to access the documents:

  • Download them (below)
  • Check them out of the library. They are held at the Downtown Branch but can be sent to other branches
  • Purchase them (at cost) from Zoning and Permits Branch, unit 31 – 30 Fort Street (Fort Garry Place), phone 204-986-5140
OurWinnipeg (3.7 mb)
OurWinnipeg At a Glance
Coup d’œil sur NotreWinnipeg
Complete Communities Direction Strategy (11.2 mb)
Complete Communities At a Glance
Coup d’œil sur les collectivités complètes
Sustainable Transportation (9.2 mb)
Sustainable Transportation At a Glance
Coup d’œil sur les transports durables
Sustainable Water & Waste
Sustainable Water & Waste At a Glance
Coup d’œil sur l’infrastructure durable des eaux et des déchets
A Sustainable Winnipeg
A Sustainable Winnipeg At a Glance
Coup d’œil sur Winnipeg, ville durable
Call To Action for OurWinnipeg Call to Action for OurWinnipeg
Appel à l'action pour NotreWinnipeg Appel à l’action pour NotreWinnipeg


The City of Winnipeg has also developed a comprehensive Transportation Master Plan (TMP) which will guide how, when and where the transportation system is developed in the future.

The Transportation Master Plan (TMP) was approved by Winnipeg City Council at its November 16, 2011 meeting. This plan sets out a long-term strategy to guide the planning, development, renewal and maintenance of a multimodal transportation system in a manner that is consistent with projected needs, and aligned with the City’s growth and the overall vision for a sustainable Winnipeg and region.