Health and Safety


Health and Safety

An earlier blog entry noted how we have created five broad and interconnected categories: How We Grow, Getting Around in the City, Health and Safety, Quality of Life, and Civic Engagement and Governance, and right now we want to focus in on Health and Safety.

Underground sewer and water infrastructure is part of the foundation of any city. We are used to the fact that our water reliably arrives (and our waste leaves) every day. And because of work done by researchers, builders, engineers and visionaries (both now and in past civilizations) we have complex sanitation systems that keep us healthy. Similarly, law enforcement and emergency response services are an intricate and essential part of the City’s operations.

Cities contribute more than just basic health and safety needs like clean water and emergency response. Cities also provide parks, can work to include more people in decision-making processes, can provide active ways for people to get around, and can help increase access to healthy food. These things matter a lot: according to the World Health Organization, a healthy city is one that continually creates and improves physical and social environments, and expands community resources so people can develop to their maximum potential.

So how can this review help the City of Winnipeg make (or improve) policies to help people reach that “maximum potential”? We want your feedback. This two-page summary  will give you some background information. After you read it, please fill out this questionnaire to let us know what your vision is for health and safety in Winnipeg.

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