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An earlier blog entry noted how, for the OurWinnipeg review, we have created five broad and interconnected categories: How We Grow, Getting Around in the City, Health and Safety, Quality of Life, and Civic Engagement and Governance, and right now we want to focus in on “how we grow”.

Since OurWinnipeg, Winnipeg’s development plan, was approved in 2011, the City’s population has grown at near historic rates. According to the 2018 Community Trends Report, the largest and fastest-growing source of population growth is due to immigration. This growth has changed the overall age distribution of Winnipeg’s population. In the late 1990’s there were concerns that the largest share of our population at the time, baby boomers, would leave the workforce and be replaced by a smaller share of people of younger age. However, as a result of immigration this concern has been alleviated. The largest share of population is now those between the ages of 25 and 29.

Complete Communities is Winnipeg’s guide to land use and development, which gives direction on how the city should be developed. Complete Communities was approved in 2011, along with OurWinnipeg. Its primary focus is to describe Winnipeg’s physical characteristics and provide policies about the city’s future physical growth and development.  As we review OurWinnipeg, we will be using citizen feedback, internal feedback, and other supporting information like background studies to update Complete Communities as well.

So how can this review help the City of Winnipeg make (or improve) policies related to how we use land, and how we grow? We want your feedback. This two-page summary will give you some background information. After you read it, please fill out this questionnaire to let us know what your vision is about how we grow in Winnipeg.

Interested in other ways to learn more and get involved?

  • Check out this page to read more about the other topics we will discuss during the review, as well as the overarching sustainability ‘lenses’ related to environmental sustainability, social equity, and economic prosperity that will be applied in this review.
  • Visit this page for more ways to get involved.
  • Check out our refreshed City Planning and Design webpage at winnipeg.ca.
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