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Quality of Life

An earlier blog entry noted how we have created five broad and interconnected categories: How We Grow, Getting Around in the City, Health and Safety, Quality of Life, and Civic Engagement and Governance, and right now we want to focus in on Quality of Life.

Quality of life is affected by many things, like a healthy environment, economic security, personal health, and a sense of belonging in one’s community. City services like community centres and community gardens, libraries, pools and spray pads, arts and cultural initiatives, and insect control can also increase our quality of life. Whether you are a youth, a young parent, or an older adult, the City likely maintains and operates something that impacts your quality of life.

Over the past few months, we have had the privilege of hearing from hundreds of people, who took the time to share their 25-year vision for Winnipeg at different community gatherings like concerts, farmers’ markets, and festivals. The top “quality of life” priorities related to recreation facilities and services, parks and maintaining existing parks.

But not everyone can access these services. Sometimes parks or community centres are too far away, or sometimes funds cannot be found to pay even a small program fee.

So how can the City help make your life better? We want your feedback. This two-page summary will give you some background information. After you read it, please fill out this questionnaire to let us know what your vision is for quality of life in Winnipeg.

Want to find out more?

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