It’s amazing what can happen when people from different walks of life come together to provide their unique vision for the future. Throughout the OurWinnipeg review, we have 14 unique Winnipeg voices who are willing to share their perspectives with us. You can learn more about the Community Advisory Committee’s role here, or you could simply watch the video and hear about their visions for the city. We have already been inspired by this group’s passion for Winnipeg, and their willingness to share their perspectives about community engagement, and to help us connect with their networks.

The OurWinnipeg review team just finished a summer of “pop-up” consultations, where hundreds of people took the time to share their 25-year vision for Winnipeg at different community gatherings like concerts, farmers’ markets, and festivals. Some people spoke about public transit and roads, others spoke about safety and opportunities for youth, while others imagined a more inclusive city with multiple transportation and housing choices. We appreciate community perspectives on basic service issues happening in the ‘here and now’.  However, we are also interested in the longer-term.  OurWinnipeg is intended to guide the strategic priorities and direction of the city on behalf of its current and future citizens.

You can still share your broad vision by filling out this questionnaire, but let’s focus the conversation a bit more.

City staff responsible for planning theOurWinnipeg feview looked at all City services, and created five broad and interconnected categories: How We Grow, Getting Around in the City, Health and Safety, Quality of Life, and Civic Engagement and Governance. We figured at least one of these areas connects to something that every Winnipegger is passionate about, and so far so good! We created a series of two-page papers to give background information, and are looking for Winnipegger’s input about each of these topic areas. Check out this page to read more about the topics, as well as the overarching sustainability ‘lenses’ related to environmental sustainability, social equity, and economic prosperity.

Please get involved in the OurWinnipeg review; our goal is to get input from all areas of Winnipeg from people with a wide variety of experiences, and your voice will help us get there.


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